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Certain crafted items, for example tools and armor, in addition to certain other usable items are subject to item durability, a procedure whereby repeated utilisation of the tool will deplete its quantity of available uses. A stronger material will last longer where as a weaker resource such as wood would disintegrate quicker. To be able to determine the durability of a product, a small damage bar below each item displays how much longer a tool will last before it breaks and needs to be replaced (this also applies to armour). 

A me is counted only when one completely breaks apart one block or hits a mob. If your block is partially broken this is not counted as a full use. If one transpires with use a tool that isn’t ideal for the job available (e.g. Using an axe to dig through stone instead of a pickaxe, or fighting a mob with a shovel rather than a sword), it’ll count as two uses rather than one, seeing this isn’t the particular task of the item in hand.

Proper utilization of tools will maximise their durabilities while Minecraft Crafting. Assuming a person correctly uses tools, here is a listing of maximum durabilities for each material type.

  • Wood - 60 uses
  • Stone - 132 uses
  • Iron - 251 uses
  • Gold - 33 uses
  • Diamond - 1562 uses com.boxxymays.mineidpro 0.png 180x300 Minecraft Recipe List

Regarding protective equipment such as armor, the quantity of damage a bit of armor can protect is dependent about the percentage of remaining uses it has and its number of base armor points. A mathematical equation for said percentage are available about the item durability page. As expected, the reliability of armor decreases as the number of times you’re being hit increases.

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