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Minecraft Crafting Amazopack


Amazopack is a collection of 6 mods designed to enhance the single player minecraft experience in a way that is balanced, engaging, but not overwhelming or radically experience-altering to new players. It’s perfect for playing around on your own, or for constructing more engaging and exciting adventure maps. These mods can be customized graphically through the painterly pack website, and advanced users can add other mods to the pack to further customize their Minecraft experience.



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Minecraft Amazopack Recipes List

This mod adds an airship, which can be crafted using a chest, boat, balloon, 2 engines, and 4 string. Once built, the airship can be loaded with fuel (logs, wood, coal, lava buckets or gunpowder) to gain flying time, and loaded with arrows to attack foes as if using a bow.

The airship controls can be changed by editing the airship.properties file, but by default the controls are: Jump – ascend, Crouch – descend, Left control – fire arrow, Right shift – open airship inventory.

This mod adds 4 new blocks which are deceptively simple, but which have many useful applications. Allocators can suck up items and spit them elsewhere, and can be set to filter the items they interact with, fans blow items around when powered, jump pads cause players and mobs to fly into the air on contact, and trap chests act as a button when opened.

This mod adds alternate ways to get many sorts of items, through the power of bees! Craft a beekeeping hat with iron and cloth, and a beehive box using wood and iron. Find wild beehives to get queen bees, and use them in your beehive boxes to produce different types of combs. Watch out – wild bees sting if angered!

Honeycomb and Waxcomb can be used to make decorative blocks, or placed in a press to make refined honey and wax, which can be used to make candles, chandeliers, honey jars and glazed pork. Grubs can be used in an incubator to make new queens without the hassle of locating new hives.

This mod allows you to construct a blank halloween mask using paper and 2 string. You can then combine different dyes with the blank mask to make one of 6 different masks – one each for creeper, zombie, skeleton, pig, sheep and cow. The masks provide a small amount of armor when worn.

This mod allows players to collect a variety of resources on peaceful that normally require interacting with hostile mobs to gather. Fossils, sulphur and niter are found in caves – fossils give bones (or decorative blocks if mined with a gold pick), and sulphur and niter can be combined with charcoal (not regular coal) to make gunpowder. Flax grows rarely in the wild, and if harvested when fully grown, provides flax seeds and fibres. Fibre can be combined to make string, and string can be combined to make cloth, which can be substituted for hide when making lowest tier armors.

This mod lets you make a rope and carabiner out of two string and an iron bar. Infinitely useful and reuseable, it extends from any ceiling it is placed on until it hits a floor, object, or liquid, and can be climbed, though it’s trickier than using a ladder – a fair tradeoff for such a useful utility! Reel in your rope by whacking it, or use a sword or axe to sever the rope at any point, allowing you to trim the ropes as desired.




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Minecraft Crafting Amazopack Tutorial


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